Partners in Success™

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Business Counsel

Our primary goal is to help you understand the scope of legal risks and opportunities in a particular transaction.

Licensing & Technology

Our attorneys have unique experience in software and internet industries and provide counsel to various types of technology businesses on licensing and computer law.


We understand that litigation matters must also make business and economic sense, and we strive to provide our partners with the highest degree of professional service and advice to protect our clients’ legal rights.

Alerding Castor Hewitt LLP wants to be your Partners in Success™. More than just your attorneys, we are strategic members of your business team. Our business savvy lawyers are dedicated to furthering your success by providing you with the highest level of professional legal services that is respectful of both your deadlines and your budget.

We pride ourselves on the success of our clients.

At Alerding Castor Hewitt LLP, our attorneys focus on business law, litigation and technology law services. We have unique experience in niche markets such as software and technology licensing, e-commerce and Internet law, and international business law.